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Mountain Pond Up Close

Above 3000 feet elevation in portions of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, trees have yet to fully open their leaves. However, vegetation along a small mountain pond I discovered does have some nice green colors already.




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Posted by on May 1, 2015 in Close Up, Landscape


Vista Views above 3000 Feet

These type views are plentiful in the Blue Ridge Mountain region of Virginia. All you have to do to experience them yourself, is to go there. Preferably when the weather is nice.



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Cattle in the Blue Ridge

Driving back home from Blacksburg, VA after a visit with our grandson Michael, I decided to drive a portion of the Blue Ridge Parkway, to see how Spring was “springing up” above 3000 feet elevation. New leaves on trees were much less than I expected, but the grass was very green with all the recent rain we’ve been having in this part of Virginia. My focus was “cattle.” I did not have to look too hard, although the ones I saw were a bit far away. You’ll have to look closely to see the black shapes in the distance. That was OK because I wanted to show the surrounding landscape too. Enjoy what I saw.




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Posted by on April 25, 2015 in Landscape



Spring Popping Out

It’s “color” time and my camera can’t stop. Nor can I from seeking these type images. They often present themselves quickly, and before you know it, they are gone until next year. Why wait?




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Living in the Southeastern reaches of the United States, we are home to what was once expected to be a solution to severe erosion in the early 20th Century, brought on by farming and other man-made activities. A variety of plant, Kudzu, was imported into the US from Eastern Asia to perform that role. What happened eventually is not what was intended. The pervasive plant spreads so fast one can almost see it growing, sometimes a foot a day from “shoots” that spread and capture whatever is around. Below are photo examples of what it has done to some old farm buildings in SW Virginia. Were it summertime, the scenes would look more like a large green blogs. Our grandkids used to refer to the plant as creating “Monster Trees.”






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Posted by on April 12, 2015 in America's Past, Landscape


Walk in a Park

Few things compare to a walk in early Spring, on a warm sunny day, in a nice city park, with the sweet aroma of flowering trees and other blooming beauties assaulting our nostrils. Includes perhaps a sneeze or two,for those with seasonal allergies. Fujifilm X100T camera.



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On the farm, old and new

I think that a nice time to make photos is when leaves are off the trees. We can see so much more, plus “colors” as they exist stand out better. I love findong nice photo opportunities in farming settings here in SW Virginia. Below are two examples … old and new.




After the Storm

Second snow storm in February was a bit more than the first one, bringing about 5 inches versus 4 the first time. All within a week or so. Time for spring. The only thing I like about snow is being able to make photos early in the morning just as the skies are clearing. Now, if I were a kid with a sled I’d be having a ball with no school.






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Pick Where You’d Like to Be

Where would you like to be? (1) In the snow, with mid-morning temperature at 17 degrees and snow still around, or (2) being alongside a North Carolina fishing pond, with sun and 60 degree weather. Both instances within a two week span. Waiting for Spring!



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Posted by on February 19, 2015 in Landscape


Because I Like Them

There’s nothing that special artistically or photographically that makes these two photos I made recently truly stand out … other than the fact that I like them. I knew that to be true right after I made the shot. For example, when I opened the front door to our home early one day last month to go get the morning newspaper, the cold hit me like a blast. Regardless, my eyes saw the clouds and blue sky with trees silhouetted in a nice way. Boom, I grabbed my camera. On a much warmer day this month, while walking along a lake shoreline I happened upon this swan drying its plumage in the sun, with its body angled just right so the feathers stood out. Not special, really, about either of these two images except again, I liked them.




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