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Relic from the Past

There’s a special (for me) location along rural Route 8 in SW Virginia that I often drive by on my way into the mountains, that always makes me want to stop. The problem usually is that the farm house across the highway is apparently home today to a truck driver, because he usually parks his rig in front of the main object of my photo interest: I.M Akers General Merchandise Store. A relic from the Blue Ridge past. From the covered area in front of the store where hand cranked gasoline pumps perhaps stood, to the public drinking fountain by the main entrance, and lastly to the old homestead “out back” where I assume Mr. Akers and family once lived, working daily to manage and run the store; the only such place around for miles as far as I could tell, it’s all about history, and I like that a lot. Here’s a collection of photos I made recently when the semi-truck was NOT parked out front, thus affording me a great photo opportunity. Thank you Truck Driver whomever you are!







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Barns in the Wild

I’m always on the lookout for interesting barns on farms, especially in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It’s the roof color that does it for me, as well as the setting.



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Lone Trees on a Cold Mountain

As I proceeded on a recent photo trip in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, about 40-50 miles from home, I decided to focus photographically on “lone trees” that were located in scenic positions. It was a windy and cold day, but the sky was clear and blue. In all, a very nice time. Lone trees follow.





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Rustic Reflections

Two recent views of Mabry Mill, along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, on a cold day, with some nice “ice” attached for an extra visual treat.



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Cold Ice

We’ve had no snow so far this winter season, but we have had cold temperatures. Thus, there’s lots of ice if you know where to find it, and I do per the following photos. It’s nice having steep, rocky slopes where water slowly seeps down forming nice ice structures, some several feet long.





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Cold Day by the Lake

It was a cold day, but with no wind and lots of blue sky the recent day when I walked a nice trail through the woods adjacent to a local lake. It was, overall, a very inspiring day for me, with time for some quiet time to reflect on “stuff.”




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Seeing Patterns

It goes like this: look for “patterns”, either natural or man-made, and then use your camera to capture the moment. So, that’s my teaching point for today folks. Use it or lose it. Cheers!






Looking Up


I agree that having “faith” in something happening involves being absolutely sure that you will be rewarded in some way in that regard. As we begin a new year, I’d like to offer one of my recent photos (made on January the 1st) which to me visually says, “Looking Up.” I have faith that this new year will find me every day with a positive attitude, trusting in my faith, and always “looking up.”

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Getting Close in the Woods

On this first day of 2015, I wanted to take my Fuji X100T camera out, seeking a place that would be scenic and peaceful, praying that the day would bring me success, thus setting the stage for the remainder of this new year. When I worked in local government in North Carolina, contractors we had there used to say if a person worked the first day of a new year, they would have work al the remainder of that year. I carried that same logic to my photography. I think it was a great day and wanted to present a few images I made while walking in the woods, next to a small lake.






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At the end of the Year

2014 is not over yet, but that time is getting close. In between days of clouds, rain, and recently some sun here in SW Virginia, I was able to get out and find some nice images to mark the close of what has been a very successful year for me photographically. I thank the good lord for that, and also the genius designers and manufacturers in Japan who put together the best camera I have ever owned. Fuji X100T. Definitely not a camera for a casual shooter, but if you really are passionate about making photos, and want to have fun doing it like in the “old days of film cameras with separate dials”, then this camera might be perfect.






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