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Patterns in the Sky

This is a time of year when it’s wise (if you are a photographer) to keep your eyes to the sky. Especially late in the day when the sun angle changes. From dark and threatening to peaceful and “wispy”, I love making photos of clouds.





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Deep in the Woods

These photos show what it’s like to walk “deep in the woods” along a small stream, finding interesting compositions along the way. When I look at the flowing water and soft reflections and shadows, I think how peaceful it was there, at the time I made these images.

DSCF4330 (1)

DSCF4336 (1)


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Action on the Water

Recently as I was walking along the Roanoke River, I spotted a small flock of Canadian Geese, feeding along the shoreline. The closer I got, they promptly waddled into the rushing water upstream, and began their escape from this intruder with camera in hand. Meanwhile, further downstream, a local fisherman was completely ignorant of my presence. He was definitely having fun, and I hoped at the time that he had been successful in his catch. It was “action join the water.”




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Fast and Slow

Here are two contrasting scenes of a local stream, one showing racing water, and the other a quiet pool in the shade, with Kudzu vines in the background. Like to contrast photos when I can.



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Roanoke River

I drove my wife to Roanoke for an appointment, and while I was waiting for her to finish, I drove down the road and found a nice city park along the Roanoke River. I found some nice photo compositions there. Cloudy cool day, but the green colors were most vibrant.




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Destination …

I can’t pass by a lonesome railroad track, with no oncoming trains, without getting close to the tracks, looking from a perspective view, and thinking about where the final destination might be, for trains using that rail line. But, I’m reminded by the nearby road crossing warning sign, that I need to keep my ears tuned to the hum of the track, to make sure I’m safe.




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River Views

We live near the Smith River in SW Virginia. It’s a beautiful river, famous for trout fishing, kayaking and other recreational pursuits. When I pass along the river, or above on a highway bridge in this case, I like to look for interesting views. Here are three to hopefully make you wish you could dip your feet in the cold water, during these hot summer days.




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Mount Airy or Mayberry?

Mount Airy, North Carolina is a very scenic town of around 10,000 citizens, located a bit north of Winston-Salem, and it’s become famous because of a popular iconic 1960’s television show, still being enjoyed in syndication by millions today. The Andy Griffith Show took place in the fictional town of Mayberry, and its star was born in Mount Airy. It is believed that the town formed the basis for Mayberry, and when one visits today, many stores are named for fictional businesses featured in the TV show. Tourists flock to the town and many purchase “Mayberry” memorabilia. It’s a great place to take a camera, as I did recently. I like going there, and being it’s just about an hour away from home, I try to do that often.







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Some Views of Americana


Starting with this old “stone” church in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there remain today an almost endless number of historical structures and objects, which are often referred to by photographers as views of “Americana.” Perhaps the modern roof on the church makes it less “historical” but the amount of loving labor it once took to haul and place thousands of mountain rocks together to make the walls and framed windows is impressive.

Looking at some more from our past, it seems as if old wooden barrels will never be replaced with metal or plastic. Thankfully, since I love the rustic nature of the wooden containers, holding fresh tomatoes or flowers.



And then there are many old wagon wheels just waiting for my camera.


And lastly, many “general stores” still operating today sell all sorts of fresh and homemade mountain goodies, with tables waiting to be used by visitors, especially during harvest time.


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Beautiful Horses

Once in awhile I’ll come upon a farm with grazing horses. When I do, I have to stop and make some photos. Beautiful.



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