Some photographers consider themselves “purists” who refuse to make any major alterations to their photography in post processing, electing to preserve exactly what the camera lens saw. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that approach; however, it’s not for me. Sure, I try my best to have correct composition, focus and exposure settings when I click the shutter, so I don’t spend too much time later on during post processing. Where I differ from the purists, is that there are many times when I want to take an original image, and apply some artistic creativity to it, using Photoshop plug-ins such as the one I used here (Topaz Simplify) to make the original photo look as thought it was a painting, and not a photograph. I took this in the city harbor in Munising, Michigan in 2008, and at the time I took it, I said to myself the scene would make a wonderful painting—if I could paint, which I can’t. So, I got second best using a Photoshop plug-in. Works for me!

2 Replies to “Artistic Creativity”

  1. I really like your “painting” effect with your photo. Looks great. Forget the purist, photography is an art form, so continue to be creative. I love it!


  2. Richard: When I wrote this I was thinking about many of the photos you’ve taken, and how creative you are with them. Then after I wrote it, you sent me the “light painting” ones you took with Mimi’s new camera. Creative with a capital “C”!

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