Might as well join the multitude and post up one of my recent “snow” photographs. This one, however, took some dedication on my part, because it was cold as a well-diggers behind at sunrise when I took it. When I awoke that morning and looked out my bedroom window, with a beautiful pastel pink sky in the minutes just before sunrise, I pulled on some sweatpants, grabbed a sweatshirt and fleece jacket, slipped on my Alaska “tennies” (XTRA-TUF rubber boots from Homer, Alaska), reached for my Nikon D300 and out the door I went. An hour later, I was back inside with a couple hundred images, and a very cold nose. This one was one of the first I took after I looked around the corner of the house down the driveway to the east, as the sun was just below the horizon. This photo, while nothing really special, is a good example of the photographers rule: the best light is one hour before and after sunrise or sunset. Finding that light does take some dedication, but when you get it the benefits are wonderful.

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