When I was a kid growing up back in the 1940’s, riding a train was the best way to get from city to city. Whoops! Now you know my age. Oh well, no big deal, “age” is in your mind anyway. Whatever, I remember riding trains and loving every minute of it. After I started my professional career, my family and I traveled frequently in Europe (1970’s and 80’s) and once again, trains provided us with a way to travel easily. Lastly, and in my favorite location, the Alaska Railroad is definitely the way to travel up there. In fact, it’s sometimes the ONLY way to travel to some locations. When I took this photo last July, I was hanging out the side of the train we were on, to catch a head–on shot of an oncoming train. As we passed, people in the other train gave us all kinds of “looks”, waves and such. I understand this is a regular tradition on the Alaska Railroad. I’ve heard that “moons” between passing trains are not uncommon. Rugged people up there.

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