Whenever I see an old vehicle like this, sitting in an area with vegetation growing around, I definitely want to take a photograph. Then, when I get the digital image onto my computer, and start to process it (digitally develop), I like to “crank up” some of the development settings to give it sort of a grungy look. True, the vehicle did not look that way naturally, but it’s my photo and I can make it look anyway I want. I’ve mentioned photo “purists” before in this blog. These are folks who refuse to do any of the stuff I’m talking about. I wonder how many of them spent time, back in the days of film, in the darkroom, when we dodged and burned images time after time to get the look we were looking for. Also, we shot a lot of black and white film back then. Was that the way the image looked when we clicked the shutter? Hardly. So, once again I say, these are your photos we’re talking about. Do what you want with them and be happy. This photo, by the way, was taken at Crow Creek mine south of Anchorage, Alaska. My grandson and I panned for gold there for almost two days. To quote Michael, “Panning for gold is definitely not a get rich fast proposition.”

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