The morning after a snowfall is a time when you can see what’s been moving around in your back yard. This was the case in our yard recently, the day after we had our second snow storm this winter—nine and seven inches respectively. Anyway, I always find it interesting to see all the rabbit, squirrel, bird, deer, and people tracks out back. The way the animal tracks wander about here and there, seemingly with no specific destination, compared to people tracks that generally line up in a straight line going from point A to B. Not wanting to sound too philosophical, it’s sort of how some of us carry out our lives. Some know exactly where they want to go, while others tend to wander about, never really knowing where they are headed. Yup, that did sound a bit over the top philosophically speaking. (Canon G11 camera, image developed in Lightroom 2.6, with slight Topaz Adust to heighten colors a bit.

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