Birds in Flight

Photographing birds in flight is, for me at least, a tough learning experience. One of my favorite photographers is Moose Peterson, and I read his blog daily. About the time we were getting ready to take a week in Florida near Tampa/St. Petersburg, he had several tips posted pertaining to bird photography (he is a wonderful wildlife photographer and research person so what he says and writes means a lot). He offered one special tip involving “panning” the camera while taking a photo of a bird in flight. Easier than it sounds. Problem is to have the photo crisp and sharp. Shooting high speed frames with my Nikon D300 helped greatly, and usually one of nine or ten shots taken one after another would be relatively sharp. The other challenge is to have the photo composition correct, so you don’t wind up with just a portion of the bird in the frame. So, I’m still learning to get better, but at least I have the basics in mind. (Nikon D300, ISO 200, 200mm, f11, 1/500 sec)

One thought on “Birds in Flight

  1. I use track focus when shooting a moving subject and continues shooting, Looks like you had lots of light, shutter priority, the higher the better. I’m sure you did all this but just incase and add a lot of luck. Still a nice image.

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