One thing about photography that I absolutely enjoy, is being able to discuss that hobby (or profession however it may be) with others who are equally interested. There is one person who fills that role for me better than all others, and is a guy I’ve known for years—and admired along the way for much more than just his photography. Recently I had an all too brief opportunity to sit down and talk with him about camera gear, digital processing and “how–to–do–it” from an image capture standpoint. One thing he does really well is to compose every image he takes in some special way—or so it seems to me. He said to me that no matter the professional purpose of a specific photo shoot in which he is involved, he often tries to capture a scene in some manner just to satisfy his personal  “creative” side. Others have written that one ought to try to photograph (for example) an image of a popular tourist attraction in a way never seen before. I tried to do that with this photo taken of the very popular and scenic church in Harpers Ferry WV last fall. I went down an alleyway in between some historic buildings next to a steep rock outcropping, to get the topmost section of the church. I kinda like it. (Nikon D300, ISO 200, 32mm, f5, 1/250 sec. Developed in Lightroom 3 beat 2)

One Reply to “Composition”

  1. Mike I also enjoy talking to those with a passion for photography. Professional and amateur is a very fine line and your images have crossed over to the Pro side, by the way nice professional looking image.

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