Last week I spent a day walking around historic Old Salem in Winston-Salem, NC. Not only were the historic buildings and gardens very interesting to see and to photograph, but so were the people who are employed full time there, and who dress in period clothing, and who carry on with daily activities such as would have been done when Salem, NC was home to hundreds of Moravians who had settled there in the late 1700s . One example is this strikingly beautiful young lady who was walking down the street with basket in hand. This was not an easy photograph for me to take, essentially because she was quite a ways from me when I saw her coming. I waited until she entered a small patch of sunlight between nearby buildings, and until she looked up toward me. I had to crop this to get the frame I wanted. Before I could speak with her, she entered a shop and I decided to pass on by. By the way, those enacting period activities truly enjoy having their photograph taken, and later I spoke with two other ladies who were working in an herb garden. I’ll post their photo later on and tell you what they had to say. (Nikon D300, ISO 200, 200mm, f11, 1/60 sec. Developed in Lightroom 3 Beta 2)

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