This is the time of year when many seek out the perfect hat to keep the hot sun from it’s usual face and head baking habits. Straw hats are perfect, but personnally I favor the baseball variety, or canvas and cotton hats such as those made by Tilley. I took this photo inside a gardening store recently, and when I do that sort of thing in “stores” sometimes the manager comes out and asks me what’s up. “Just a little personal photography”, I answer. And they say, “OK”. (Nikon D300, ISO 200, 34mm, f4.2, 1/13 sec. This photo would have been much sharper had I raised the ISO to 800 or higher, but I forgot)

One Reply to “Straw Hats”

  1. With my hair style, hats are a must. Lightroom 3 is out, and what I’ve seen so far it well worth the upgrade.

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