Lighting an Alley

I spotted this interesting brick wall mounted light in an alley next to the old jail where John Dillinger escaped in the 1930s, located in Crown Point, Indiana. Maybe this helped light the way for his escape. Hummmm. (Canon G11, processed in Lightroom 3)

Atomic Sunset

To me anyway, this looks like an atomic bomb explosion out in the middle of Lake Michigan. In fact, it’s only the sun just breaking the horizon line. (Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom 3)

Nice Work

Unfortunately, I did not take note of the make of this car, when I shot the interior from the driver’s side window, while attending a car show in Indiana last week. It was the worksmanship and soft beige color of the interior that caught my eye. Looks “1930s retro” to me. Check out the “dream-catcher” with arrowhead hanging from the rear view mirror. (Canon G11, processed in Lightroom 3)

Crown Point Indiana Courthouse

I mentioned Crown Point, Indiana in a previous post. This is a view of the top section of the historic courthouse in the center of the town square. if you look closely at some of the white trim, you can see there is evidence of spray painting ongoing. In fact, I had to move around to get this shot, without a large crane platform holding the guys doing all the painting up high cluttering up my scene. Canon G11, processed in Lightroom 3)

Sunset Explosion

It was worth the hour or so watching as the sun set slowly over Lake Michigan, with my Nikon D300 mounted on a tripod, and with cable release clicking off shot after shot—in all over 100. Of that number, I really liked about ten. This was one of them. (ISO200, f22, 1/60 sec, 200mm)

Port Sanilac Michigan Lighthouse

I took the original image of this very scenic Michigan lighthouse, captured with my Nikon D300, and applied a Topaz Simplify layer adjustment in Photoshop.It’s so scenic that I wanted it to look like a painting. This lighthouse is now a private residence. What I’d give to live there. Beautiful setting right on the shores of Lake Huron in the quaint little town of Port Sanilac.

Great Lakes Shipping

This Great Lakes ship is typical of the sort that sail the waters of the Great Lakes (in this case Lake Huron). We were standing on the shore of the lake near the entrance to the Saint Clair River at Port Huron, Michigan north of Detroit. We were near the bridge over the river connecting Port Huron and Sarnia Ontario in Canada, and the line up of trucks we saw crossing into the U.S. was very long. I guess tighter security is having it’s effect, and that’s good. (Canon G11, processed In Lightroom 3)