Discovery along the path

One of the things I like most about hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains is that you sometimes wander along a well worn path paying little attention to what’s around you at times, and then you look up to discover some treasure from the past sitting there waiting just for you. As was the case with this old structure…purpose unknown to me…but still a neat discovery. Unfortunately I don’t hike as much as I used to but that’s another story. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom v3.2.

Red Caboose

Unfortunately we don’t see these anymore, attached at the end of a long freight train. This one is on display at the Danville, Virginia Amtrak station. I once rode in such a railcar when I was in the Army, when it was attached at the end of a 100 car train hauling equipment from the unit I was assigned to at the time. That’s another story. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom v3.2.


This is the deserted and clearly overgrown farmhouse I mentioned in my prior post…the one next to the barn which is apparently still being used for cattle. Note the lightning rods on the green metal roof. I sure would have liked to climb up and get me one as a souvenir. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom v3.3.

When the cows come home

Believe it or not, there was evidence that cows were still using this old dilapidated barn, which I found alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. The house which was adjacent to the barn had been deserted for a long time, so I wondered who was still keeping their cows there. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom v3.2.

Reflections in the Blue Ridge

I recently discovered a 1920’s era stone church at the Mayberry community in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and liked the way the blue sky with clouds reflected in one of its arched windows. Since it’s Sunday, I could get all spiritual and talk about reflections on one’s life, etc., but I won’t. I already did. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom v3.2.

Black & White

Selecting which photos look better in black and white is a matter of personal preference. This one seemed to be a good fit. I got the picture while parked alongside the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia recently, in color by the way. I converted it later in post processing. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom v3.2.

One of many “treasure” corners

On most of my road trips in rural areas over the past several years, I’ve spotted numerous once popular “treasure” stores, now closed, but still standing waiting for someone to stop and take a picture…which is what I did recently along Highway 58 between Hillsville and Martinsville, VA. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom v3.2.

Stopping here mandatory

You can see the backside of the Mayberry Trading Post as you drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway near Meadows of Dan, Virginia. It’s a mandatory stop. Not only because of its historic and scenic nature, but for the items on display and sold inside. Whether it be old fashioned hard candy or a block of homemade lye soap, you can get it here…and more. “Old” mixes easlity with “new”, as judged by the ice cream being sold to your immediate left upon entering, and the old stove in the middle. On weekends, locals make apple butter in a large copper vat outside, thereby drawing more visitors like me. Wonderful place. Nikon D300, processed in Lughtroom v3.2.

Harvest Time

This old Ford tractor with hay rake in tow had been sitting idle for some time, in a high pasture along the Blue Ridge parkway in Virginia. I drove by it before I stopped to finally get out and snap its picture. That’s the way it is for me usually…I see things I want to photograph, but always too late to safely stop as I drive past. So, I make a mental note to catch it later on…assuming I go back that way. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom v3.2.

Across the Bridge

I was standing on an old Civil War era bridge over the Dan River in Danville, VA, when I watched this freight train cross a bridge down river from where I was. I wanted to get a shot of the engineer, so I used my 300mm lens. Nikon D300, processed in Lightroom v3.2