Peaks of the Blue Ridge



This will be my last 2010 Blue Ridge fall colors photo to post. When I stopped at an overlook to take this photo, several older couples (older than me) were there. One lady said to me, “Are you a professional photographer? If you are then  it’s a shame that all those weeds are in front of your view.” I just nodded and smiled. Actually, I liked “the weeds” as they were very colorful and added a lot to the scene.

Blue Ridge Past


This old log cabin sits overlooking a portion of the eastern valley below the Blue Ridge Parkway at a popular overlook stopping point. The day I was there I was the only person present and that was nice…given the number of Fall 2010 visitors up there. It was once the home for one of many hearty folk who lived in this rugged part of the Appalachian chain. Most were forced to move when the parkway was constructed during the 1930s depression era, but remnants of their life remain here and there. This is but one example.

Wormy Chestnut


This is a nice name for a gift and craft shop…sad part is that it’s closed. Has been for years. It’s located in a remote part of the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia, a location passed by all too often these days, as many people seem too hurried to enjoy things waiting for them in places such as this. Why travel the mandatory 45 mph on the Blue Ridge Parkway, when they can go 70mph on I81. Dumb logic in my view.

Spot of Yellow


This is looking down at the Roanoke Valley while standing high above on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. What attracted me to this shot, was the small spot of yellow lit by the late afternoon sun, and the white farm building in the distance.

Don’t stay long…colors that is


If I were to go back to this same spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, where I was a few days ago, I’m sure all the leaves would either be on the ground or a dull brown color. Still, the day I was there it was really hit and miss for me, color wise. I finally found a spot that was close to what I was looking for, and as a side benefit, I had the parkway free of traffic…which was pretty heavy that day.

Backlit Fall Leaves


Fall colors appear much more vibrant when leaves are backlit by a bright sun. I had to position myself behind a large tree to get this shot, so the sun did not overexpose it, and take over the scene. Along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.



I spend too much time looking for landscape scenery, and perhaps not enough looking for other photo opportunities…like this grazing house along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

This Old House


It seems there is always another deserted farm such as this one, around the next bend in the road along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. The thing to notice is, however, that located adjacent to these dilapidated  structures is usually a newer homestead where (probably) descendants of the “old folks” now live. Interesting way of life in these parts.

Fall Colors…well, yes and no


I drove a long way looking for fall colors along the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia the other day, and what I saw was hit and miss. This was a hit, but not what I’d expected. Colors seem a bit drab this year, with lots of brown, plus I suspect I missed the peak above 2500 feet elevation where I was most of the time. But, it was a nice drive anyway and I got some nice pictures of things less colorful. Taking photos, having fun, seeing nature, that’s what the whole deal is about.