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Alone in the woods


Driving by, I spotted this old structure sitting back in the snowy woods, with high weeds around. When I made the photo I was not specifically thinking B&W, but in processing it, this treatment seemed to fit perfectly.

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Patterns in the snow



30 mph wind when this photo was made….burrrr

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No One Home


Empty blue bird home waiting for next spring. Rent cheap.

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Inside a glass globe


Close up, this glass globe looked “cool” when I made this photo with an external flash to the left side. Sitting down after breakfast at our daughters house, I got up close with the globe, sitting on her coffee table.

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Peeking behind the Charlie Brown Tree


“Bits” investigating the Charlie Brown tree. One of our daughter’s four cats…and by far the largest. Big, cuddly and friendly.

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Snowing at Night


This was a 15 second exposure made around 8:30 PM Christmas night, off our back porch. I had the flash on to catch the snowflakes. Just experimenting with long exposures to see what I can do. Better than this probably, but this is a good start. The “yellowish” glow is from the lights in the night sky from the City of Martinsville and our neighbor’s house way in the background.

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Christmas Day Snowfall

First Christmas day snowfall in years here in southern Virginia. Wild bamboo looked better with some newly fallen snow resting on its pointed, bright green leaves. Hours afterwards, the bamboo was completely covered with the while stuff…as is our driveway.

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Merry Christmas



May you always be merry, healthful, caring, and good with whatever it is that you do. All the best “photographically” in 2011!

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Beauty in Provideniya


One thing about our three-day visit to Provideniya and Novoye Chaplino in Eastern Siberia that will forever remain with me will be images of the people who live there. Life in this region is incredibly hard. On the last day we were there, our group was invited to attend a musical presentation that would show many aspects of not only the Eastern Yupik native population, but Russian as well. I can still hear the music in my mind from that almost two-hour show with ethnic song and dance. When we had first sailed into the harbor of Provideniya and saw the vacant and crumbling buildings remaining in the city from Soviet days, stereotype thoughts of  the USSR were in our minds…and they were not altogether pleasant. However when we sailed away, we all had a much better feeling toward the people who live there…and their outward and inner beauty. As for me, I’d return in a minute if I could.

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New homes in Siberia


Thanks to the governor of  the Chukotka Autonomous Region in far Eastern Siberia (who was/is one of the richest men in the world) the whaling village of Novoye Chaplino was provided with many new homes to replace much older and failing dwellings of the past. Buildings have to be constructed using elevated pilings underneath because of the permafrost. The day we were there in July, 2007 it was above 70 degrees F, so no need to worry about that then.  Note the barren hills in the background…the entire region looks like this…only more barren. I’ll have one more photo from our wonderful visit to Siberia tomorrow, and then I’m going to put my digital images away…perhaps to be revisited at some future time.

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