Yesterday as local temperatures soared into the mid 60s, I went to a lake with nearby nature preserve situated in the midst of Greensboro, NC…with about a thousand others looking for the same relief from cabin fever. My targets were the ducks which have wintered over…not to harm them in any way as my post title may indicate, but to see what sort of pictures I might make. Took many…most not good. These three were the best of the lot, and I’m not that satisfied with them either. Why? Because I was shooting at too low a speed, thus not being able to freeze the action when I wanted to, like the middle one above. Still, I felt the blur conveyed motion, so decided to keep it. I gave myself a “C’ for the day. I plan to return soon to improve my work. Like  a golf swing, there are many things going on in your head when you swing the club…no different with a camera as you are planning your shot. Having lots of people taking pictures from the same vantage I was did not help my concentration…I wanted to get my shot  off and leave for places less crowded. Anyway, it was a very pleasant day.

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