Seeking new discoveries, I often drive without specific direction or plan, on one of my numerous road trips. It’s like beginning a brief journey at a point, with no end in mind, letting what comes along be a guide as to which direction to turn…left or right or straight ahead. Success is when one finds that the direction selected was correct, which in many cases brings joy and satisfaction. The main purpose of my unplanned journeys, each only a few hours long, is to find some scene, some object, some thing to fill the frame of my camera. Once captured through the lens, onto the camera’s digital sensor, the recorded image remains essentially hidden from complete inspection until later when it is transferred to a computer, and only then is it exposed in full view, with colors and details recorded as one hoped they might be…or not.

Whether the captured scene I view with great anticipation on my computer’s screen actually retained the same level of focus, detail, mood, or vibrant color my mind’s eye remembers is not as important as the fact that had it not been for that fateful turn left or right, on my unplanned road trip, which I decided on a whim, I would never have been able to see what I saw. And…I was the only person on this earth who saw it that way during the brief instant in time when my camera’s shutter clicked…and then it’s mine alone…forever…unless I care to share it with others…as I often do.

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