Sleeping in the hay


About 4-500 pounds of pig/hog sleeping in the hay inside a pen constructed as they were back in the 1800s. Her mate was in the pen next door and he was not so docile…in fact he was giving me some pretty ugly looks…but I guess that’s normal for a big hog all penned up.

Visiting Old Graveyards



James Burroughs was the plantation owner where Booker T. Washington was raised. Burroughs died before the Civil War, but his two sons were not so fortunate. Finding old graves such as this often have historical importance that can turn out to be interesting. Oh, make sure you have a camera along.

Fieldale Virginia


In 1917, Marshall Field (Chicago department store) established the town of Fieldale in SW Virginia, near the hub of a thriving textile manufacturing region. Here, he made various textile products, such as his iconic brand of towels and other items which he sold in the Chicago store and elsewhere. Today, the town remains, but it’s a far cry from how it was when it was a thriving center of manufacturing. The textile mills are long closed and today it’s mostly, a nice place to take photographs showing how small towns in America used to look.

Help…it won’t start

I can’t pass up old machines like this fork lift…obviously in a sad state of repair.Turning my color image into black and white really did the trick as far as getting the “sad state of repair” theme across. Great thing about digital photography is having that capability.

Looking out the store window


This “guy” with glasses, dressed in golfing attire, was standing in the front window of an art store. I positioned myself so I could get his face inside the “loop” of the painted letters on the glass, with a setting sun shining in. In Stuart, Virginia.

Have a drink?


I found this old water fountain near a back door at an old textile factory (long closed) and took several shots of it…this one being one of the better versions. One wonders how many took a drink there over the years…lots, I’m sure.

Jeb Stuart


Stuart, Virginia is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and is, fortunately for me, a short drive from home. One Sunday afternoon recently I drove to the small town to see what sorts of subjects I might photograph. This Confederate Memorial in front of the Patrick County Courthouse caught my eye…with flags waving in the breeze and clear blue sky behind. The town is near the birthplace of J.E.B. (Jeb) Stuart, and if you are a student of the Civil War, his name will be well known to you. In fact, the town originally incorporated as Taylorsville was renamed in his honor.