Another Blue Ridge Log Cabin

As I wander about SW Virginia, on one of my many photo road trips, I always seem to be guided down some narrow road where I find old, deserted log cabins such as this one. The unique thing about this specific find was the somewhat “new” addition on the side of the original structure.

Reflection in Chrome

I set this composition up by getting down low, so I could get the reflection of the sky in the chrome hubcap on the spare tire cover on the back of this 1954 Lincoln, on display at a local car show. One challenge when doing this sort of shot is to keep your own reflection out of the image. This was a really cool looking car…long and sleek convertible.

Old Folks Part 2

I went back and did a second take of the photo of the nice lady I photographed in Stuart Virginia, and posted earlier in a much wider view. Looking at that with a more critical eye, there were too many distractions in the background, so I decided to crop in closer, and convert it to black & white. I was able to do this close-crop because I was using my absolute best kens…Nikon 24-70mm f2.8. Cost a bundle but it’s soooo worth it. I don’t want to take it off the camera it’s so good. Thank you Nikon!

The Graveyard

From what I understand, a “graveyard” is adjacent to a church, while a cemetery is located elsewhere. Finding this beautiful church (United Methodist) in rural Virginia was a real joy. I was returning home along a 2-lane road, and out of the corner of my eye I spotted the steeple…once again being guided to a totally unplanned photo destination.

Look at me…no, look at me

I caught these two girls looking at each other through plastic water bottles, while gospel musicians played on the stage to their right. Hundreds of others sitting nearby were more interested in the music…all at the Stuart Virginia Strawberry Festival. A very nice candid moment, and I was lucky to have been able to capture it. Kids will indeed be “kids.”

Stuart Virginia Strawberry Festival

Today was one of those days when I “got lucky” with my camera, specifically while attending the 2011 Stuart Virginia Strawberry Festival. Not only were strawberries at center stage, but so were crafts, music, food, a car show, and just plain fun. I had a ball. When I saw a vendor booth selling hand-made “country” plastic bag holders (bottom photo) I knew I’d have to buy at least two, one for my wife and one for my daughter, but I actually wound up buying three I liked them so much. As did my wife when she saw them after I got home. Best thing about that experience was meeting the nice lady (Jan Johnson) who worked so hard skillfully designing and then sewing and putting together each holder. Herr good friend Clarence Davis served to help guide potential customers (like me) into the stall where these beauties were being sold. In summary, I have lots more photos to post later on…I absolutely have to share my lucky day in Stuart!