Stuart Virginia Strawberry Festival

Today was one of those days when I “got lucky” with my camera, specifically while attending the 2011 Stuart Virginia Strawberry Festival. Not only were strawberries at center stage, but so were crafts, music, food, a car show, and just plain fun. I had a ball. When I saw a vendor booth selling hand-made “country” plastic bag holders (bottom photo) I knew I’d have to buy at least two, one for my wife and one for my daughter, but I actually wound up buying three I liked them so much. As did my wife when she saw them after I got home. Best thing about that experience was meeting the nice lady (Jan Johnson) who worked so hard skillfully designing and then sewing and putting together each holder. Herr good friend Clarence Davis served to help guide potential customers (like me) into the stall where these beauties were being sold. In summary, I have lots more photos to post later on…I absolutely have to share my lucky day in Stuart!

One thought on “Stuart Virginia Strawberry Festival

  1. So glad your Wife liked her baglady . Did she name it. Thanks for the the picture in your blog. It was a fun day. You helped to make it that way. Thanks Jan

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