Blue Ridge Hay Barn

Moments before the sun was shining, but as I got out of the car to make this photo it started to spit a few drops. However, the dark clouds above and the contrast of the barn with the rolled hay bales made for a nice B&W image.

Door Secure?

You can’t read the small decal on the door window…it apparently was placed on the door by the Martinsville Police Department at some time, and notes the door as being checked and secure. Not so today…but then there’s probably nothing behind the door of value anyway.


I saw a 10 foot by 10 foot large green square freshly painted in the center of a larger white square, on the side of a brick building. At first, I saw nothing photographically interesting about that view, but after staring at it some more, I decided to compose a scene such that I got a bit of color and shape, which proved to make it a much more interesting.