I thought this was a really nice work of sculpture, near a library in Danville, VA. It has a lot of meaning for those of us who remember how much we read when we were kids. Not like most kids today…that’s for sure.

Lunch on a Train

As I was driving through a part of Eden, NC I spotted this old train station and decided to pull over to take a couple of photos.

As I crossed the tracks I spotted a parked, but still running, train engine with several cars in tow. Walking beside the train was a person I assumed was the engineer, with a paper sack in hand. I wondered why the train was parked, and what the bag held.

Walking up the road a piece I saw The Railroad Cafe, which apparently was the place the engineer had just visited, to get something to eat, with parked train waiting to proceed on its journey…where ever that was. And so ends my short story of lunch on a train. You gotta love small town America!