Friday Night at Star Pizza

Star Pizza is a small place we love to eat at in Mayodan, NC just a short drive south from where we live in SW Virginia. It’s a typical “mom and pop” establishment, with great service and great pizza.

With stacked pizza boxes waiting to be filled for home delivery behind, these two friendly young ladies wait on tables and take care of pizzas when they come out of the oven.

You have to go to Star Pizza to get “sugar dots” which are about the size of the end of your thumb, and are deep fat fried pizza dough with powdered sugar sprinkled all over. After a large deluxe pizza, these delights are a real treat.

One thought on “Friday Night at Star Pizza

  1. Looka like a Bill Fortney post, thank you amde me hungry. Got a wedding in St Louis this weekend a friend of ours, and then next weekend have an assignment in St Louis again, the first pitch at the Cardinal game.
    The following weekend a photo camping trip, to Elephant Rocks state park sunset then to Johnson shuts for sunrise.

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