On a beautiful Saturday afternoon recently I was wandering around one of my favorite places to make photos in Greensboro, NC just a short drive south from our home in Virginia. That place is the Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden, with pathways taking visitors through natural wooded areas containing various sorts of flowers and other plantings, sculptures, and a “Bog Garden” containing lots of wetland vegetation, and a fairly large lake with of course lots of waterfowl and other wildlife. In short, it’s a nice place to wander around in a scenic and peaceful atmosphere…right in the middle of a large urban area. As I began my walk I crossed over a stone arched bridge built over a small creek, and saw this pile of carefully stacked stones. I wondered where they came from.

Then, I wandered a bit further along the almost dry creek bed and saw in the distance a few people “messing about” in the trickling water. So, I decided to investigate and see what was going on…perhaps being able to make some more photos. As I got closer, I saw another “stone art” creation and made this photo of the still wet stones. I liked the manner in which it had been constructed with lots of “engineering design” to balance it, given it was about 3-4 feet high, and some of the stones were fairly large and heavy.

I asked if it was OK for me to be making these photos and the artists involved all said “Sure!” So, I snapped the image below of one of those creative individuals, engaged in making a new work of art.

I asked why they were doing all this and they responded by saying they liked to come out and create art in nature, using nature’s available materials, basically to “make people smile”, knowing all the while that what they create could be quickly gone, all in a rush of water from the next rainstorm. They enjoyed what they were doing, and were happy that people stopped by to talk to them about their work. After asking first, I made this photo of the other two artists, and they were glad to pose while taking a break from their work. I showed them the photos I had taken on my camera’s LCD screen, and promised them I’d upload everything here on my photo blog for them (and you other readers) to enjoy. This photo opportunity made my day, and I hope it does the same for you!

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