Wedding Photography?

I most definitely am not a wedding photographer, nor do I have any interest in ever becoming one. But, when I saw a possible photo opportunity recently, I took the suggestion of a professional photographer who wrote on one of his blogs, “Don’t just ‘take’ a photo…’make’ a photo.” Here’s what happened.

As I was walking around a popular location in Greensboro, NC where wedding photos are often taken, I spotted this group of individuals sitting down talking to each other, apparently waiting for something to happen. As I came close I asked if they would mind if I took a photo and they immediately jumped up, said nothing to me and within less than fifteen seconds posed exactly as you see here. It was like they had rehearsed what to do! I snapped the shutter, thanked them and moved on, never looking at my camera LCD to see the image I had made. Later on that day when I did look at it I said to myself, “Wow…that’s a nice group wedding photo!” And…I had made it happen.

If you look close you can see that the bride is holding a cellphone up to her ear…so she must have known I was not the “real” photographer. After an hour or so, while walking back to my car, I saw the bride and the group posing again, but this time it was for real. Lesson learned is…MAKE photos…don’t just take them.

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