Stone Arch Bridge in Western Maryland

When we got close to Antietam National Battlefield on a visit to the Harpers Ferry WVA area, we came upon this nice stone bridge along a narrow, two-lane road and I felt it deserved stopping to make several photos…this being the one I kept. I’ll post an image I made of the famous Burnside Bridge located on the battlefield, which looks like this one…but is much older. What I wanted to do with my composition here was to get down low enough to show the full bridge structure vertically, without lots of overhead utility wiring crossing the stream from above. NIkon P7100.

Looking Down is Good

During the fall, with lots of colorful leaves all over the ground, it’s a good idea to look down from time to time. What caught my eye here was the leaves, the bricks and the slab stone, all contrasting with each other.

Look for Something Different

I have learned from many photographers much better than I am, that when out and about with camera in hand, that it’s always a good idea to look for something different…some image that is not your typical “tourist shot.” While wandering around historic Harpers Ferry WVA, I spotted this scene and said to myself it might make for an interesting “perspective” scene. Which in my view it did.

Beauty in the Fall

One view of Harpers Ferry WVA. My objective with this composition was to show a portion of the town’s historic buildings, and also a part of the steep mountain slope across the Shenandoah River in the background, with its colorful trees. I think this came out just as I wanted.

Waiting for the Right Scene

One of the most popular tourist locations in the historic town of Harpers Ferry, WVA is the beautiful church which stands at the top of a long, winding, steep, hard to walk on stairway to the top, from the town’s center below. It is rare to find those steps deserted of people who (for landscape photographers like me) tend to clutter up the scene. I knew the shot I wanted…looking up the steps at the church. But every time I was ready to click the shutter, down came a group of people. After several tries going through the same thing, I almost left. However, I gave it one last try and I finally got this. Harpers Ferry is a very nice place to visit, especially in the fall.

A Veteran and his Hat

It seems like most military veterans today wear a hat or jacket, or shirt, or a combination thereof, proclaiming to all around that they “served.” This is good. All non-veterans owe a great deal of thanks to veterans who were there to protect and defend. The veteran wearing this Navy hat happens to be my brother-in-law Jerry. I first met him while I was a student at Michigan Tech, dating his sister Barb, who I eventually married. I did not know it at the time, but he’d come not so much to visit his sister, but to “check me out.” I guess I passed muster. He was in the Navy at the time assigned to the destroyer identified on his hat shown here.

Even though I spent almost thirty years in the Army, I have always harbored a not-so-secret desire to have been in the Navy…imagining myself as officer-of-the-deck on a ship, tossed about on stormy seas with high-powered binoculars in hand, watching for danger in any form. I especially envied those serving on destroyers, because of not only stories told to me by Jerry, but my feeling that it was those sorts of ships that did things which real fighting ships ought to do. Alas, it was not to be, so what I do now is read sea stories a lot, and ask Jerry to tell me what it was like.

Exploring Nature

There’s a brief story behind this image. I was making photos at Fairy Stone State Park last weekend near where we live in SW Virginia, and I spotted a pair of shoes (with socks) sitting as you see them here. At first I thought the owner had simply forgotten them the day prior, and went home barefooted. Then, I saw behind me along the small creek where I was standing, that a family of five was having fun “exploring nature” by looking under rocks for crawdads in the shallow creek, and generally having a great time. There was, however, one little girl who seemed to be having the most fun because she was the only one actually “in” the water. And then I saw who the owner of the shoes was.

Looking through a Culvert

When I saw this culvert under a roadway recently, I positioned myself so that the sun was behind me, and then walked around until I could see the water reflection at the other end of the tunnel…in this case with some colorful trees highlighted. When I opened the image on my computer to process it, what I saw looked like a gaint drop of water inside the culvert, waiting to fall. Anyway, it made for an interesting image.