Without a doubt, one of the most “unhappy” activities at a NASCAR event is finding a place to park your car. For me, living just two miles away, I usually walk, or have my wife drive me close, where I do a fast exit out the passenger door. Thankfully, the good Lord allows me to walk the distance from home and back if I need to, and that’s been my habit for years. Still, I am not so proud that I won’t accept a ride if offered.

What caught my eye here was this nice young lady standing all alone, in the cold, with her hands tucked inside her bright yellow jacket sleeves, guiding incoming cars to available parking spaces…of which there were few. Hundreds of similarly dressed young people, equally cold, were directing cars all around the track…on paved surfaces, on gravel surfaces, and on grassy surfaces…the latter often being a bit muddy depending on recent rains.

To quote most NASCAR race attendees after the event, at any track, “Parking ain’t no fun, but we gotter done!”

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