Today is my 70th birthday…happy birthday to me.

In some ways this photo describes me as a person. It’s very symmetrical, and it took me only a few seconds to position myself to get it to look the way I wanted in my camera frame before I clicked the shutter. I can’t stand things that do not look right in terms of being aligned, balanced, or level. I spend a lot of time positioning throw rugs in the house, for example, so they line up parallel to their surroundings, and generally am somewhat OCD in that regard. My granddaughter, Jennifer seems to have inherited this trait, but her mother is exactly the opposite. We “are what we are.”

One Reply to “My Birthday Photo”

  1. You’ve got to be kidding, today is my Birthday also, just a few years younger. I’m off this week doing a little deer hunting, have a great day and eat some cake for me to.

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