Keep it simple, stupid…KISS. Good advice at times. That was my objective when I made this photo of these door handles on a church in Martinsville city.

I am amazed at how good digital cameras these days are, in terms of capturing detail in a photo…especially when moving up close. It’s sometimes just “point and click”, but better if there’s a bit more “process” involved. First, find some object that one can recognize even when you get close up. Having to tell people what the object is may not be the best way to compose a photo that people will like. Second, make sure your camera is steady or else you will have some blur that will be much magnified when being so close. Tripods help, but so does adjusting the settings of your camera to get a proper balance between aperture and speed (including ISO). It helps to read the instructional manual too before using a new camera. RTMS…”read the manual, stupid.”

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