My garden hose sits coiled up here, near my backyard small garden plot, waiting for next spring when it will again be used frequently to help grow vegetables for our table. That sounds better than it actually is, because “vegetables” I grow have been limited to tomatoes and cucumbers usually, but I have been known to plant beans, peppers, squash, and lettuce from time to time. My neighbor Al plants a wider variety of produce than I, and he always offers me what he can’t pick, so we do pretty well. He grows some of the best blue berries around.

Last year my tomatoes were the best I have grown in several years, but I put too many plants in the ground and had way more than we could eat, and Al had an equally large crop so he did not want any of mine. My cucumber vines looked great last summer as they began to spread with lots of yellow flowers waiting to become crisp, green cucumbers. In fact they became tough, bitter, yellowish-looking cucumbers which I tossed out. An internet search determined that maybe my problem was too many “back and forth” dry versus wet spells, and my nice green garden hose may have been the culprit, I will never know.

There is always next year…or perhaps I will rely more on Al’s garden skills to provide our fresh produce. Nope…I’d never be able to hold my head up in the neighborhood.

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