In my prior post I mentioned the Halifax County Virginia Court House. (bottom photo) Here’s a photo at the top I made of one of its large front columns. This type of architecture is very common in the south…especially pertaining to court houses and other government-type buildings. What interests me the most when I wander around looking for photo opportunities near where we live is the history of these sorts of structures, and to help me in that regard there is usually a posted sign or plaque nearby that spells it all out. This region of the Commonwealth retains much of the same character it had back during the early 20th Century. Perhaps that’s why I love living here. Sadly, many Virginians living up in the northern part of state know very little about that past…and sadder still the present. When asked where we live by friends up in Northern Virginia, for example, some say, “Where’s Martinsville?” When we answer, “It’s a bit south of Roanoke”, some ask again, “Where’s Roanoke?” Then after we explain patiently again, some say, “Why in the world do you want to live down there?” To each their own.

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