I love living where we do in the City Of Martinsville, located in Southwest Virginia,but if I were to select another city in which to reside it would be Roanoke. Only a short 50-mile drive almost due north, I go there often to shop and more recently to seek photo opportunities. This was my objective yesterday when I drove there, planning to use two, $25 holiday gift certificates I had received from Orvis (a favorite shop for me), to eat a nice lunch and then to wander around the downtown area to see what I could see. While it was fairly obvious, I had not given much thought to the fact we are in the Christmas season. It did not take me long to remember that, however, when I exited the parking garage and saw the City Market area all decorated with various sorts of Christmas items, and with joyful people walking from store to store seeking bargains. The atmosphere inside a cozy sandwich shop I decided to try for lunch was also very seasonal, with Christmas music playing, and with friendly people coming and going. The shop was located in an early 20th Century building that was once most likely something else besides what it is today, and the well worn and delightfully looking wide plank wooden flooring, plus the original embossed design tin ceiling tiles made me remember similar buildings I had been in when I was a young child growing up in the 1940s. After I finished a very delicious sandwich, I was definitely in a holiday mood; so with that in my “back pocket”, I began my search for some photographic evidence of what I was experiencing that most enjoyable day. Below are a few of those scenes.

One Reply to “Holiday Scenes in Roanoke Virginia”

  1. “Orvis” the fly rod company?? Do you fly fish? My wife and I just got back from a fly fishing trip to Bennett Springs west of Lebanon. Had a good day the two of us landed 60 fish. I fish a Gloomis flyrod.

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