What you see is not always what you get

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When I visited the community of Summerfield, NC recently, the first thing I wanted to photograph was the Town Hall (above). It’s an historic late 1800’s vintage building, and just looking at it alone would make one believe that the center of Summerfield was a bustling town. And then, I photographed the remainder of the town’s center (below). Summerfield is really nothing more today than a relatively upscale “bedroom” community for many working in Greensboro, NC.

There’s an interesting story about how I found this historic location. My wife and I were coming home to our home in Virginia after shopping in Greensboro, and we were forced to take a detour because of a car wreck on the road we usually traveled. That detour took us right by the Summerfield Town Hall and the two buildings seen here, and I said to my wife, “I have to come back and make some photos here someday.” And that I did.

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