My 2011 photo project was to make hundreds of images season-by-season…about “things” around me. I selected over 150 images and made a hard-back book of my collection (using Apple’s photo book making service) and it’s to be delivered soon. I can’t wait to see it.

I have yet to decide on my 2012 project, but I am thinking about having bright “colors” as the main subject. Any object or scene…but it must contain vibrant colors such as you see here. Since I made this photo in 2011 it can’t be included, but I suspect there are lots more like it out there waiting for me. Whether I use this subject as the basis for my project is not as important as the project itself…I need that to force me to get out and use my cameras as much as I can. Being busy can be a blessing…or a curse if you let things overload you. In my case, it’s not possible to overload me when photography is concerned.

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