It was a partly cloudy, cold blustery day, with temperatures well below freezing at 1000 foot elevation in the Blue Ridge foothills near where we live. There is no way I’d move again, but every time I drive along narrow, 2-lane roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains such as you see here I wonder what it would be like having a small, quaint home sitting on a ridge with spectacular views out our family room window, and perhaps with a small apple or peach orchard out back. But then I think about how long it would take to drive somewhere to buy food, gas or what-not, even in good weather, and I am quite certain I’m happy living where we do now.

The view you see here was taken through my Toyota’s windshield with me sitting stopped in the middle of Virginia Highway Route 8, on my way to Floyd (I had been checking behind me for a long ways and there was no following traffic). Floyd was where I had planned to eat a late lunch, and to make some photos of that rustic town for my collection of images from Southwest Virginia. I’ve driven this road many times all during the year since we moved to this part of Virginia in 2002. This view is one of my favorites. It’s not that special, but I love the way the road goes downhill a bit headed toward the rising mountains, eventually leading up a winding road to the Blue Ridge Parkway…which this day was closed to through traffic at elevations above 2500 feet…not sure why…there was no snow.

Later this week I’ll have some more images I made in Floyd at the nice cafe where I had lunch. Plus, I’ll continue with a series of photos I made elsewhere that special day

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