These two photos are examples of scenes I have an opportunity to see whenever I want, so long as I get into my Toyota and drive a short distance into the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia or North Carolina. These locations are often destinations for one of my photo “road trips.” I hardly ever plan such trips out, other than to select a direction in which to drive…usually north, south or west. I’ll often be driving along a narrow road and for no reason other than I can, take a side road off to somewhere with sights unknown. When I find photo treasures for my camera lens to savor, I make a mental note to perhaps return during a different season so as to be able to experience it all again with a new look. Anyone who knows me well will wonder if I could go anywhere “unplanned.” For all my life I have always planned out just about everything I did…often to excess, worrying about what might go wrong to delay or impede my progress. Now that I am older and perhaps wiser, I tend to “go with the flow” so to speak. My rewards in that regard seem much better than they were when I was younger.

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