I suppose out of 100 photos I might make on a given day, less than 10% are what I’d judge as being above average…for me at least. This is one of those which I was very happy with, but I did not know that until I had opened it up on my computer to begin digital processing. What’s that you say…you “process” digital images? Yes I do. Just as I did back when I was developing film in the darkroom, I took an original “negative” as captured on film by the camera lens, and then adjusted the exposure and so forth to have it look like I remembered the original scene. It’s much easier to do this today digitally, but the process is essentially the same.

In this scene with horses relaxing and feeding, in the center of a beautiful farm in North Carolina, with dark clouds on the horizon, everything was “just right.” Once inna while this happens…and then I am happy.

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