Here’s a “non-tourist” view of a small portion of Old Salem, North Carolina…over the wall…so to speak. While Old Salem is full of visitors in the summer, it’s far different in the winter. Actually, I like it better when leaves are off the trees because I can see more of the co-located houses than I can in the summer.

Salem was originally founded in 1766 by the Moravians – a Protestant group of people that began in what is now known as the Czech Republic. The Moravians were missionaries who established an earlier settlement in Bethlehem, PA before beginning “Wachovia” in the North Carolina backcountry in 1753. In the Wachovia Tract of nearly 100,000 acres, Salem was the central administrative, spiritual, craft, and professional town surrounded by five outlying congregations. Preservation and education have always been essential to the core mission today of Old Salem and its historic homes, museums & gardens all designed to educate as much as they entertain. 

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