Often I see things which I am not sure what they are…or what they do. Here’s an example. I think it’s some sort of valve like a fire hydrant. Regardless of my ignorance about my photo subject, it’s still pretty neat looking and made for a nice composition. You might say that the latter portion of that sentence really means I could not find anything else to photograph so that was it. Yup…that was it.

One Reply to “What’s this?”

  1. This is called a “POST INDICATOR VALVE” (PIV) and is normally painted red. Normally (as shown) in the OPEN position–locked to prevent tampering by unauthorized persons. It controls a valve below the surface of the ground leading to a water sprinkler system within the building. Depending upon the size of the sprinkler protection system, more valves are used. The lock is first removed, the L-shaped handle is lifted and placed with the lock-end on top–turning to the left opens the valve and turning to the right closes the valve. A check to see (or rather, feel) if the valve is OK one turns the handle further OPEN and if it “springs” when turned, the valve is OK. Should it NOT “spring” the valve may not be operational and should be checked.

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