Like a moth drawn to a warm summer’s evening porch light, it’s impossible for me to pass up photo opportunities which usually exist on, in and around old, abandoned houses. I’m fortunate to be living near many such photo attractions, as I drive around rural southern Virginia and northern North Carolina, on one of my many totally unplanned but always rewarding photo road trips. A recent late afternoon journey brought me to Sandy Ridge, North Carolina…just a road junction mostly, but with an old house and its surrounding attractions you see below sitting right at that intersection. An hours driving, using $3.49 gas, brought me here, but it was definitely worth the time and cost. I hope you enjoy seeing a part of what I saw.

As an aside, for any “photo guys” who might be interested, I used a new camera to make these photos. It’s a much smaller and lighter interchangeable lens camera system, Panasonic GX1, which is taking the place of my MUCH larger and heavier Nikon DSLR I’ve been lugging around for years. So far, the camera is performing as I hoped it would. As a second aside, there is a growing trend world wide toward these lighter but still excellent performing camera systems, leaving larger more traditional DSLRs to those who make their living totally with photography.

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