Crossing the Dan

There is “something” about this photo I really like. Perhaps it’s the spring colors in the background, perhaps it’s the details in the Norfolk and Southern train crossing this old concrete columned bridge, or perhaps it’s the yellow-colored Dan River raised above normal due to recent spring rains. I could see this photo enlarged, matted, framed and then hung on a wall in our home. I am definitely a lover of trains!

Always a good place to go

Danville, Virginia is where I usually go when I want to be sure I’ll find something interesting to photograph. If you have been looking at this blog for a while, you may recall that I’ve posted several photos I made there. The historic tobacco warehouse region is one place I always head to first. This image is typical. I wanted to convert my color image to black and white because that gave me some creative possibilities on how to portray the nice clouds in the sky, behind the watertank and smokestack.

There is an old Civil War era railroad bridge over the Dan River that has been converted to a popular route for bikers, joggers, walkers and others who wish to easily cross the famous river. As she passed by, I greeted this nice lady biker.


As an engineer I am always interested in architectural design, especially when churches are involved. Perhaps that’s because there are so many churches around to view, or perhaps it’s the spiritual value of what I see. Whatever the reasons, I like making photographs of churches. These two are located in Danville, Virginia and what I was especially interested in was the brickwork involved in the construction…especially the first. It was the narrow steeple that caught my eye with the second. I’m pretty happy with these two images and am again amazed at the detail my new Panasonic GX1 camera captures from so far away. Click each image to enlarge.

A one-eyed cat and a messy painter

My wife sometimes says, “You sure are hard up finding something to photograph.” “Not so”, I reply. Here’s a couple of examples. First…a one-eyed black-metal cat…hung on a wall…looking at me.

Near the cat, I saw this arched window over a doorway to a now-closed barber shop. Whoever painted the window needed a few lessons in handling a brush.

OK…maybe my wife had a good point…I was hard up to find something to photograph that day, but these two images each had a brief story to tell…to me anyways…interesting or not.

Ridgeway Drive-In

I live in Ridgeway, Virginia…a small incorporated city (a residential neighborhood actually…with it’s own zip code) and there’s not much to see or say about the place, other than it being the home of the Ridgeway Drive-In, known locally as the “RDI.” There’s no need for a menu at the RDI, ’cause what they serve is listed on this large sign on the front. No need for waitresses either because you simply place your order at the window to the right, and pick up your order at the one on the left. The small parking lot (where most eat in their vehicles) is usually full, especially around lunch or suppertime…but never on Sunday…when it’s closed. The menu is definitely “southern” and not at all “heart-friendly.” Ever had a hot-nut sundae or a fried bologna sandwich?

A day at the lake

Beaver Creek Reservoir in Martinsville, Virginia is a source of water for the city, plus is a parks and recreation facility for those living in the vicinity of the town. Fishing, hiking, canoeing and watching nature in all its beauty are a few of the activities there. I recently visited the lake with my camera…my primary subject objectives being Canadian Geese and people. There were several pairs of geese in the lake and with the help of my telephoto lens, I made some nice images…this being just one.

There were only a few people fishing while I was there, mainly because it was a weekday afternoon. But, this guy was well prepared for not only fishing but for social networking as well, because when I made this image he was texting on his cellphone. Technology is never far from us these days.

As I wandered around I spotted three other men fishing side-by-side and this guy was doing more talking than fishing compared to the other two. With his rod and reel on the ground under his chair, and a coffee cup next to his feet, he was clearly enjoying himself. What I liked about this image was his rugged face.

I plan to go back again when there are more people at the lake…they will canoe and fish while I’ll record what I see.

Communicating face-to-face

I have decided that one of my more photographed subjects during 2012 will be “people.” Last year I became more relaxed when making photos of people “on the street” and many times would ask for their permission first if they cared if I used my camera. Sometimes they saw me first and asked me to take their picture. In this case, I saw these two young ladies talking on the street in Greensboro and used my telephoto lens to get up close. No, I did not seek their permission first. What the scene made me think of when I first saw it, is how much time these days people spend “texting” each other on cell phones, rather than standing face-to-face conversing. Our grandkids could learn a good lesson from this example.

At a funeral…or not

My wife said this photo looked like a coffin at a gravesite, awaiting to be lowered into the ground…with a small bouquet of flowers on top. Actually, it’s the top of a directional sign at a local horticulture and bog garden which I visit from time to time. The sign was pointing the way to a path leading to the bog area with lots of native vegetation, and someone had picked a small bunch of flowers and placed them on top of the sign. It looked nice to me as a possible photo of something different, so I captured what I saw.

Read on paper…or not

With seemingly everyone these days obtaining most (if not all) of their news and information online, paper magazines such as these 1970-80s versions I saw in an antique store window, are truly a thing of the past. I can remember standing by news stands or in drug stores in front of the magazine displays, flipping pages of publications which caught my interest. Popular Mechanics and Popular Science were two of my favorites. I was not visionary enough back then, however, to realize that those magazines with “computer” in their titles were in fact spelling doom for anything to be published on paper. It’s a shame in a way, because there was something very relaxing about sitting in a soft chair with a cool drink by your side, turning paper pages in a magazine, and reading about all sorts of wonderful things.

Then…there were comic books but that was really a long time ago.