Greensboro on a Sunny Weekend

One place I really like visiting with my camera is Greensboro, NC, only a short drive from where we live. Going on a weekend is the best time, because parking isn’t too bad, especially downtown. While on this visit, my photo subject objectives were “people” and “anything Spring looking.” I met great success with the former category…people. First, a bride having a photo taken by her wedding photographer. I assumed these photos were being made before the actual wedding.

Then, as I wandered further along, I saw the effects the warm sunny day was having on this red-haired lady “resting” in a picnic area.

I came upon young Amelia and her parents next. They told me Amelia was having her portrait made the following day in this same location, and they were out scouting for some possible settings. They had decided “anywhere on green grass”, but it seems poor Amelia was afraid of grass…never having touched it before. She refused to move and after a long look at her mother, eyes pleading to pick me up, she began to cry. Her mother said, “Oh well, I suppose there are other places to try.”

I decided to drive downton to the center of the city to see what I could discover. It was ACC Basketball Tournament weekend, so many fans were in bars having a good time watching the games. This guy was clearly not watching the game, and the young lady beside him was laughing at his antics. Ah yes, too much cold beer on a warm Saturday with good company around.

As I walked past the bar, three young guys saw me with my camera and one shouted at me to take their photo. I obliged, and let them have a look at the LCD on my camera to see the result. They laughed and went on their way, jumping up and down and having a good time.

My absolute favorite photo of the day, however, was this nice young lady who was roller skating around town, and had just sat down for a rest. I saw her, went over and asked if she’d mind me taking her picture. She said sure and gave me one of the nicest smiles ever. It was the pink wheels on her roller skates that had originally attracted my attention.

So, now you see why I like taking my camera to Greensboro. These scenes are not at all uncommon there. Wonderful place!

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