There are times when I get totally weird in terms of photographic subjects…mainly because when I see something…anything really…which I think looks neat…I grab whichever camera is closest to me and take a shot. This is one such subject. Following breakfast one day, after putting my cereal bowl in the kitchen sink (bowl earlier having been filled to the brim with Frosted Mini-Wheats) I noticed the contrast in colors on top of the bright white color of the sink itself. Water droplets on the rubber mat in the bottom made it even more interesting…to me. Being able to do this sort of stuff is why I love photography. It allows me to capture what I see visually, and it makes absolutely no difference if what I saw is a bit weird.

One Reply to “Something a bit different”

  1. Photography is the inner child in all of us. As photographers we see thing for the first time and record that images. Never grow up like the kid out.

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