Beaver Creek Reservoir in Martinsville, Virginia is a source of water for the city, plus is a parks and recreation facility for those living in the vicinity of the town. Fishing, hiking, canoeing and watching nature in all its beauty are a few of the activities there. I recently visited the lake with my camera…my primary subject objectives being Canadian Geese and people. There were several pairs of geese in the lake and with the help of my telephoto lens, I made some nice images…this being just one.

There were only a few people fishing while I was there, mainly because it was a weekday afternoon. But, this guy was well prepared for not only fishing but for social networking as well, because when I made this image he was texting on his cellphone. Technology is never far from us these days.

As I wandered around I spotted three other men fishing side-by-side and this guy was doing more talking than fishing compared to the other two. With his rod and reel on the ground under his chair, and a coffee cup next to his feet, he was clearly enjoying himself. What I liked about this image was his rugged face.

I plan to go back again when there are more people at the lake…they will canoe and fish while I’ll record what I see.

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