Earlier this week I had a post about my visit to the North Carolina Museum of Transportation in Spencer, NC. I wrote that I had gone on a “real” train ride during that visit. By that I meant on an actual historic train, running on original train tracks and in an authentic location. The ride was less than 30 minutes long, but I got to experience a bit of what I’d remembered from my childhood when I rode trains a lot with my parents as we moved about the country. Here are some images to record what I saw that day. First, the train engine pulling six passenger cars one of which I rode, followed by the engineer that day (He and all other museum staff were volunteers).

Next…the 1920’s era passenger car in which I rode outside view first followed by the inside.

To close this post…here’s a view of the end of the train pulling away after I got off…with the conductor standing on the rear platform. I have seen numerous historic photos of politicians and famous movie stars standing on similar train passenger car platforms waving to fans or prospective voters. Not today…sadly. By the way, next week I’ll post some more pics I took at the museum…focus on steam engines!

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