Springtime Beauty at Philpott Lake

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The US Army Corps of Engineers website provides the following information about one of their managed projects in SW Virginia, as follows: “Nestled in the rugged foothills within sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia are the lake and surrounding public lands of Philpott Lake. The clear water and natural shoreline make Philpott Lake a unique place to visit. Over 6,000 acres of surrounding land, 3,000 acres of water, and a power plant make up Philpott Project located in portions of Franklin, Henry and Patrick counties. Congress authorized construction in 1944 for flood control and hydroelectric power generation as the primary purposes, and water supply and recreation as subsequent purposes.”

I go to the lake often and here are a few images to show you a part of the beauty there…and one showing a popular activity…boating/fishing. The first photo was taken from the lake overview area adjacent to the visitor’s center. Note the Blue Ridge Mountains in the far background.

Now, a couple of photos of some springtime flowering around the lake.

Lastly…boating/fishing is VERY popular. This boat had just left the a docking area where I was standing…on it’s way to places unknown…full of fish I hope.

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