When I was growing up, a trip to the drive-in movies on a Saturday night was pretty much routine in the summer. Movies shown were usually of a Class “B” variety…and were not that good, but we hardly watched much anyway, since we kids spent most of our time outside the family car, playing around on the slides, swingsets, jungle-gyms, and other items to fall off of. These items were located right below the large screen, so when we did watch the movie we had a very distorted view. Still, it was fun even without the movie. Also fun was eating all the junk food sold in the building where the projector was located; with outside seats adjacent where we often gathered to talk too much, so that we got yelled at by adults trying to enjoy the movie. Most people remained in their cars, watching from afar, however, listening to the movie sound coming through a car window-mounted gray-metal speaker.

In Eden, NC near when we live in adjacent Virginia, there is an old movie drive-in theater that remains operational, and as far as I can tell is making enough money to remain open. But, I read recently where the transfer of all movie theater projection from analog (film) to digital equipment will prove too costly for small theaters… especially drive-ins…to remain open much longer. Such is another sign of so-called progress. Too bad that so many kids in the future will never be able to experience all the fun of going to a drive-in movie on hot summer nights.

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