Here’s an example of when having a telephoto lens is nice. The enlarged area is shown by the black box in the first photo. For my photo friends, these were both taken hand-held, using a Panasonic 45-200mm zoom lens on a Panasonic GX1. Click each image to see a larger view. The digital sensor size of this camera makes the long range end 400mm on a standard 35mm camera. So…it gets really BIG….which is good…at times. The downside is that with this lens, the extreme long end gets a bit “soft” in focus…as do many such zoom lens. OK, my technical talk is complete.

As an aside, the day I made these photos, the humidity was very low…20%. That made for one of the clearest sky and detail scenes I have had at this spot lately…about 3000 feet in elevation. Usually at this time of year the humidity and air pollution from coal-fired power plants in West Virginia and Ohio makes a mess of what yoiu can see far away…sadly. But, this time I got lucky.

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