The Roanoke Hotel in the Blue Ridge Mountains

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This is not the first time I have posted images I made outside and inside the beautiful Hotel Roanoke, which is located directly across the street from the old Roanoke Norfolk & Western Train Station. Considering that in earlier times hundreds of train passengers arrived from places near and far, having this large, warm and inviting hotel within walking distance was most welcome. Today, the hotel is mainly home to the popular Roanoke Conference Center, and many come for a day while others come for several. You can see the hotel from a long ways off as you drive along the main highway through the city…and its unique design fits well into the Blue Ridge Mountain region. The hotel has a partnership with Virginia Tech and while I have not been there on a day when the football Hokies are playing in nearby Blacksburg, I bet the place is pretty lively before, during and after the game. Here are three images I made there recently, and each is the sort you will not see on a typical tourist postcard.

The stucco design of the hotel is beautiful.

As you come near the main entryway, there are these inviting rocking chairs sitting in a row.

And lastly, this is the scene that you will see as soon as you walk inside. That’s the registration desk at the right rear. I really liked the paintings along the ceiling.

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