There is a category of photography titled by those who practice it…as “street photography.” Basically it involves using your camera to capture digitally or on film what you see as you walk about streets…usually in a big city somewhere…and usually involving people in some way. This type of photography is supposed to be spontaneous in terms of the photographer making quick judgements as to what might be interesting to a viewer. However, it’s also a bit intrusive and some (me) are not always comfortable when people are involved in the scene; but, there are times when I do not have a problem with that, such as in the first image posted here. The lady on the bench was simply waiting for her bus to arrive and that scene told a brief story to me. Questions arose in my mind such as “who was she, where was she going, and why was she wearing the woolen hat when it was 75 degrees outside?”

The second image stands alone and tells a story (waiting for a ride) without people being involved…and that’s what I tend to look for. So, maybe I’m not a “real” street photographer.”

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