Sometimes what a photographic image is composed of can be largely simple in view, but complex in meaning. Here are two examples. I had to turn around on a major highway recently so I could go back to make these two photos (there were several…these were the best). What I was interested in was the expansive green cornfield with the low hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the background. But, after I made that image I looked across a dirt road adjacent to the field and saw the second image with lots of white clover and a small shed in the background. Simple landscape photos both…but to me there is a much more complex meaning. The world around us is truly “alive”…especially at this time of year. Our “world” happened not by chance but by design, and this world is but a small part of things so much more complex than we can ever imagine. Our understanding is sometimes challenged when we start to analyze what it’s all about…why are we here and where are we going. But our faith in a higher power than us (God) is strengthened when we see just how beautiful and intertwined everything is in our world…if we will just take the time to look.

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